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Business security and automation for the home office or the office away from home. We’ve got intelligent solutions for the modern business to keep your assets secure.

One dashboard for your entire operation.

Professional monitoring. User access control. Intelligent video analytics. Cloud & 24/7 recording. All working together to protect your business operation and assets.

Your Business Command Center

Supervise your business at a glance. Your dashboard gives you access to all your security system controls including doors, cameras and sensor information so you'll always be in the know.

Cameras in the Cloud.

Our security cameras do more than just record. Intelligent Video Analytics and cloud storage bring your security cameras up to date with the latest technologies.

Trust the process.

On-Site Assessment
We conduct a thorough site assessment to identify all possible obstructions and security vulnerabilities based on your specific property.

Design Your System
We hand pick the perfect camera solution to meet your needs and create an implementation plan with our technicians.

We install cameras using ethernet for high quality video and power. Then we position, focus and fine-tune each camera for optimal performance—saving you time.

Remote Access
We’ll help you set up your mobile app to access your business operations on the go. From seeing your live video feed to managing employee access, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Analytics & Support
We offer data analytic services for your system so you’re notified if any camera is offline, your doors have been left open or if the refrigerator is heating up, saving you thousands.

Access Control

SuperHome can help you find the access control solution that enables you to control and manage physical access to your business — to protect your property, employees, and your assets.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Our security experts can help you determine which burglar alarm system is right for your business — and your budget.

Prevent Break-ins

Prevent a burglary with a loud siren that sounds off when an event occurs.

Protect Your Assets

Protect your most valuable assets and prevent costly losses due to theft.

Get Alerted

Real-time alerts inform you and the authorities of an unwanted event.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems for business allow business owners and employees to screen visitors, and provide two-way communication from various rooms throughout the facility.

Easy Two-Way Communication
Intercom systems provide convenient two-way communication at the door and between rooms. You don’t have to physically leave the room you are in or stop what you are doing to communicate with someone in your home or business.

Increased Business Productivity
Intercom systems for business allow business owners to quickly locate and speak with employees, regardless of which room they are in another room, another building, or across the office campus. An intercom system can significantly improve office communications and boost productivity.

Peace-of-Mind Home Security
Door intercom systems provide you with added peace-of-mind, providing the ability to see and communicate with visitors — without having to jeopardize personal safety by opening the door to someone you or your employees do not know.

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